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Please call Stan Posthumus for more information on Divorce Mediation, Marriage and Divorce Coaching / Counseling, Family and Small Business Relationships Building or Mediator Training today.   The initial phone consultation is free.  I am located in Parsippany, NJ but welcome clients throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.  With a bit more prior notice I have traveled throughout the USA and to various international locations as well.

Call: 1-973-428-1034  


Toll Free 1-888-RELATE8

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All communications are treated with absolute confidentiality. If I am unable to talk to you immediately, please leave a detailed message with your number and best time to call.  Your call will be returned as soon as possible and I'll leave only a first name and number if I do not talk to you personally.  I understand the personal and sensitive nature of your call and will be very discrete.

Please be sure to review my credentials and recommendations from past clients before choosing a mediator for your case.

Many questions you may have are addressed on my FAQ page but I am also always ready to discuss any question or concerns you may have prior to setting up an appointment.


Competitive Pricing:

• The fact that I may be from out of town does not mean it will be more expensive.

• The exact price will be determined based upon the services offered and your unique situation, but I can guarantee that you will not be over charged.

Mediation Pricing

• Mediation fees typically per hour or per day plus travel.

• Mediation typically lasts one 4 to 5 hour session (sometimes a little longer), which drastically reducing costs compared to lawers or regular mediators -- despite travel costs.

• Mediation fees are inexpensive and excellent value for the money - watch the video case studies.

• Focused Thinking Mediation virtually guarantees an amicable settlement, unlike regular mediation, even in high conflict cases - see the research results.

Training Pricing

• Training fees vary -- from a single group lecture to an intensive class or relationships boot camp. Fees do vary according to the location, group size and length of the sessions so please call for more details.

Relationship Building Pricing

• Relationship building boot-camps are billed on a per day basis, and are extremely flexible according to clients needs. Week-end and week-long camps are most popular.

• Special pricing is available for educational institutions, religious organizations and not-for-profits.

Audio and Video Pricing

• We offer audio and / or video recordings of sessions on DVD to enhance learning and retention of the material covered - at an additional fee, depending on length the session.


• Payment for in person sessions is generally due upon completion of the session, but flexible payment options are negotiable. Payment should be made by personal or bank check.

• Payment for telephonic or long distance sessions, will usually be billed in advance.

• If extensive travel (outside New Jersey) is necessary then the clients are typically responsible for all travel related expenses in addition to the mediation or training fee.