News Updates - Conflict Resolution

My First Job: Everything I Need to Know About Management I Learned Driving a Zamboni

Conflict resolution. People skills. I could go on. The short story is this: Almost everything I needed to learn in management, I learned at the rink. In fact ...

Women Sufferers

... to include conflict prevention, crisis management and conflict resolution. Role of women in creating safe social spaces is vital for the peaceful social ...

Nevada Association of Employers presents “Supervisory Skills: Advanced Skills”

... a comprehensive training program exploring supervisory “soft skills,” including leadership, team building, communication and conflict resolution.

Election: Q&A with Westmoreland County Court of Common Pleas candidates

“Having introduced and implemented a conflict resolution program, along with a team that included a guidance counselor, teachers and principal in ...

Judicial Officers Urged To Understand Oil And Gas Matters

... officers not only understand the industry's legal framework but also implore all avenues in conflict resolution in line with international best practices.