News Updates - Conflict Resolution

Rawlings Should Have Ignored Valerie Sawyerr - Atik

... he could have just ignored it. In conflict resolution, there's a mechanism called ignore. Sometimes, some conflicts are ignored to resolve themselves.

August Guest Writer Session Features Nwoye, Ogahi and Opaluwa

The award-winning OIL CEMETERY x-rays the sufferings and deprivation in Niger-Delta and calls for non-violent conflict resolution. It has been ...

'Guardian Angels' coming to Buffalo

They're trained in conflict resolution, first aid and basic martial arts. Caldwell says he wants to recruit as many members as possible. The angels are ...

Activist working to end violence plaguing Birmingham's most vulnerable

Now, he practices conflict resolution in an effort to cut down on violence and to keep kids safe. “We educate them to love each other. We promote unity.

Public forum weighs crime issues

“We are working with Edgecombe County schools on conflict resolution,” Atkinson said. “We have suggested that if students are suspended, they be ...