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with Focused Thinking Technology

Whether you want to end a relationship amicably or rekindle an unhappy relationship, you will benefit from Focused Thinking Relationship Building.

We offer couples, families, individuals, small businesses and corporations many ways to improve their relationships, resolve conflicts and achieve a new level of understanding though communication by using Focused Thinking Technology. These skills can be easily learned by anyone, including young children, teens, married couples, and adults in business relationships.


Relationship Education is more accurate than marriage counseling for what we do. We do not believe that most relationships have a pathology that needs counseling or therapy.  Our approach is that most people are normal and need to learn a bit about how communication and relationships work. Our motto is, "With enough information we can solve any problem"

Focused Thinking Relationships Building sessions can be customized to:
• Individuals / Couples and Families
• Faith Based Groups
• Educators
• Businesses / Corporations

Relationship Building for Individuals / Couples and Families:
In-person relationship training varies widely, depending on the needs. You will typically cover the basics of Focused Thinking Technology for relationships in one long four- to five-hour session. Thereafter follow-up sessions will be conducted on an as-needed basis.

When great distances are involved, we offer a course of intensive one-hour relationship building sessions over the phone or with video-conferencing. The costs are extremely affordable.

Relationship Boot-Camps:
We offer “boot-camps” for couples and families who can benefit from intensive relationship mending or relationship enhancement. You will learn all the communication skills and joint-problem-solving techniques that will revitalize your relationships.

The two-day “boot-camp” is usually done over a weekend, at the couple’s home where they are taught the essentials of communication and relationship construction. This process is completely private – you need not have concerns over airing your problems in front of strangers.

You will tackle your own real situations, problems, difficulties and conflicts with an expert coach. The Focused Thinking coach makes the process transparent and will help you resolve anything from everyday situations to conflicts – allowing you to take charge of the way you handle things in the future.

The one week “boot camp” is longer and more thorough. It is recommended for couples who have relationship problems with their children or extended families. This follows the same format as the 2 day boot-camp, but the extra time allows for better immersion in the theory of Focused Thinking Technology, and additional coaching. Families participating in this format come away with a whole new outlook on their current and future relationships.

Pre-marital Relationships Workshops
As many people recognize that the key to a successful marriage is communication, many are drawn to pre-marital workshops. We run Focused Thinking workshops in adult education and religious settings, to help couples learn the vital communication skills and techniques for resolving future conflicts. Learning the language of Focused Thinking, and using it is guaranteed tomake your relationships happier and more resilient.

Sessions vary from two hour lectures offering an overview of Focused Thinking, to half day workshops which include role plays and demonstrations of the listening and communication techniques. We put video of the training on DVD to help remember and practice the language / skills / tools / techniques.

Consider making the gift of training in Focused Thinking relationship skills a wedding gift for someone you care about. They will learn how to make their relationship work, how to grow together, how to resolve conflict and how to change, but most important of all they will learn how to have a happy, peaceful and successful marriage.

Faith Based Groups and Halting the Tide of Divorce
The US Government recently committed $600 million to helping prevent divorce in families. The expectation is that faith based groups will partner with service providers to reverse the trend of crumbling families. We are the only service providers we know of who are able to show a significant rate of reconciliation in couples facing imminent divorce. Independent research shows the power of Focused Thinking to resolve high conflict divorce and post-divorce cases. Imagine how much more benefit can be gained from early intervention! Please contact us for more information on these initiatives.

Special Kid Friendly Sessions Teach the Importance of Relationships:
There is a great need to teach students life skills and none are so important as those relating to relationships, personal change and conflict resolution, both inter-personal and intra-personal. Young people are far more open to learning new technology and language. Focused Thinking can brighten their future.

Focused Thinking may sound technical, but even young children can benefit from the techniques taught. Successful sessions have been run with elementary school children and we encourage school councilors and peer mediation groups to expose kids to the Focused Thinking skills as early and as often as possible. One group of fourth grade students in New Hampshire learned to remember the skills by way of a song composed by their teacher who attended Masters training in Focused Thinking - watch the video.

Family and Small Businesses Thrive on Good Relationships
Relationships are the lifeblood of a family business. A small investment in relationships will produce not only greater profits, but success and happiness at work and at home.

A healthy and thriving business needs to build on three foundations: communication, recognition and trust. When allemployees are on the same page about the relationships they want and how to get them, the harmony they produce translates into profits - of all kinds.

Focused Thinking training teaches employees how to have good relationships, and resolve conflicts not only between each other, but with clients and customers. The training builds in an ability to change, not only personally but also in a business sense.

The infinite variety of small businesses that are out there means we cannot make a "one-size-fits-all" workshop. We customize our training for every situation and our experience helps us adjust and offer a value to all our clients.

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