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Focused Thinking Technology

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn theory, skills and techniques – high-resolution technology for communication, relationships, change and conflict resolution – from the creator of Focused Thinking, Stanley Posthumus.

If you have reviewed the "Mediation" tab you already know that every mediation session is a successful training for the participants.  They learn to communicate, relate, change, and to resolve conflict with the same tools and skills we offer in our training programs.  Our programs are custom designed for your professional and personal needs.


We have offered Focused Thinking training seminars, and workshops around the world and at numerous conferences and universities, including:

• World Mediation Forum,
•US Conferences such as Association of Family Mediators (now Association for Conflict Resolution), Smart Marriages, Children’s Rights Council, National Association for Gifted Children, NPHA, NCEF.
• Universities in new York, New Hampshire, New Zealand and South Africa
•Churches and public and private schools
•A more comprehensive list of previous training engagements is available on this link to Stanley Posthumus' credentials.
•Personal references from those Stan has trained are available on this link to testimonials.

The developers of Focused Thinking training are outspoken about the defects in training offered by peers. We are concerned about the effects of inadequate training on relationships and unfortunately most training of mediators is inadequate. Only Focused Thinking Mediation achieves a high rate of success in “cases from hell", and we are working to get more people trained in this form of conflict resolution.


• Professional Mediators and people who wish to become Mediators
• Educators
• Faith Based Groups


Training for mediators is available at three levels:

1) Basic training for qualified candidates:

• Basic Focused Thinking Mediation training covers the prerequisites for becoming a family and divorce mediator. Qualification will mean that you have acquired competence in mediating common family conflicts.

o Basics on state law
o Requirements for mediation contracts
o Reaching a settlement
o Focused Thinking theory and practice, emphasizing neutral, impartial, non-directive, and non-judgmental mediation skills, as well as those areas required for professional accreditation.

2) Intermediate training takes mediation to a higher level:

• Video role-play and critiquing is used more extensively than in the basic training.
• Graduates are expected to show results that are superior to regular mediation.

3) Advanced training involves an extended internship.

• Students are required to mentor other mediators.
• Graduates are expected to be able to train others in the basic theory and skills of Focused Thinking mediation.


There is a great need to teach students life skills. None are so important as those relating to relationships, personal change and conflict resolution, both inter-personal and intra-personal.

Our experience in training in the education system covers levels from pre-school, to elementary, middle and high school as well as college and university up to Masters level in education.

Nowhere will you find a more tightly integrated and powerful set of skills than in Focused Thinking. These methods and processes have been devised while resolving hundreds of divorces, and relationships experiencing high conflict.


With the epidemic of Divorce, many churches and other religious groups are seeking to offer relationship and conflict intervention training to their congregations.

Stanley Posthumus, has worked with church groups to present a variety of training sessions from evening adult education classes, to pre-marital relationships workshops.
"Can you imagine, just five years' worth of, kids getting out of high-school and being able to understand communication and relationships, how to change, and how to resolve conflict? We would have peaceful, happy, successful people who could communicate and the build relationships they want instead of being victims of their history and circumstance. They would be able to choose who they want to be -- to lead the world in ways to resolve situations, problems and conflicts in a way that always builds relationships." Stanley Posthumus.

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